The Champion of Williston's United Business Community



    Since 1907, the Williston Area Chamber of Commerce has represented, supported, advocated for the business interests, organizations and citizens in our community. 

     The Chamber is dedicated to turning the area's extraordinary economic growth into a place where people want to live and thrive, not just work. We are a non profit organization of more than 700 businesses and organizations and represent every sector of industry and services. We work together with local, state and federal officials; other organizations in the area to attract, retain, and expand businesses in the greater Williston area.

     Thank you for stopping by our website. We're looking for some exciting enhancements and opportunities in the coming weeks and months. 

     - Scott Meske, President

Chamber Events

Keep watching for more information about upcoming Business After Hours networking events, mayoral candidate forums, and the Annual Williston Blast! celebration coming on July 4th at the Fairgrounds.

New Business in Area?

Welcome to Williston!

Our goal at the Chamber is to get you Connected and Engaged in the community. Please call us at 701-577-6000 to discuss how we can help you accelerate your business vision.